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New Life Preachings & Teachings

Life comes from the living God through His living word

Mikuláš Török, 15.04.2012
Any word, or speech is living just at the moment when it is being spoken by its “carrier” (speaker). As soon as he is finished with his talk, the speech isn’t alive any longer. Therefore even the Bible in itself isn’t the living word of God. It is God who brings it to life when He speaks to us through it.

Prophets and prophecies

Dan Török, 04.03.2012
Who is a prophet and what is a prophecy? What is their role in the history and the present of God’s people? Do we understand these terms right?

What we have is not what we are

Mikuláš Török, 02.03.2012
System of values is nowadays reversed. It is not important who you are and what kind of person you are. What you have or what you can do is important, your abilities and achievements. We work to have more, a successful person is considered to be the ‘real person’. Efforts leading to a real transformation of the personality are thought to be a waste of time and energy.

We know that all things work together for good to those who love God

Mikuláš Török, 02.01.2012
Words from Romans 8:28 are well-known. And they are strong so much that it is not easy to believe them. Therefore people downplay them, explain in different ways, and try to make their real message milder. These words are not a happy fact for everybody.

Let's Believe in the Power of Gospel

Mikuláš Török, 09.03.2010
Bůh církev pověřil, aby zvěstovala lidem záchranu a pracovala tak na naplnění Božího záměru. K tomu je ale nezbytné uvědomovat si moc, která je v evangeliu obsažena. Kdo tomuto nevěří, za evangelium se stydí, v jeho vlastních očích nemá hodnotu, kterou do něj Bůh vložil. Jiní zase evangelium zneužívají pro vlastní prospěch a to je nepřijatelné.

Don't Make the Cross of Christ Void

Mikuláš Török, 10.1.2010
The purpose of Jesus Christ's sacrifice was and is to bring reconciliation with God and salvation of sinners for the eternal life. This is the message church must bring to other people. When Christians stress the subsidiary things (health, prosperity, etc.) first or the form or emotions first, they make the Christ's cross void. This is what Paul the Apostle warns us against.

Let’s broaden our mind about preaching the gospel

Mikuláš Török, 3.1.2010

Church Delivers Both Life and Judgement

Mikuláš Török, 20.9.2009

The Real Purpose of Church

Mikuláš Török, 2.8.2009

Motivation for bearing the gospel

Mikuláš Török, 26.03.2009

The message of the cross

Mikuláš Török, 19.03.2009

Who can forgive sins?

Mikuláš Török, 25.01.2009

Common reading of the Scriptures is useful even today

Mikuláš Török, 04.01.2009

Jesus Christ is the solid foundation

Mikuláš Török, 7.12.2008

1+3 levels of blessing

Mikuláš Török, 27.11.2008

To worship means to live a righteous life


What is proper for a man?

Mikuláš Török, 13.7.2008

Choose Righteous Life

Mikuláš Török, 06.07.2008

Sincerity and unity in prayer

Mikuláš Török, 29.6.2008

Life That Pleases God

Mikuláš Török, 01.06.2008

How to Bear a Good Witness

Mikuláš Török, 2008-04-20

Righteous judgement

Mikuláš Török, 6.4.2008

The gospel of righteousness

Mikuláš Török, 16.03.2008

Be ready to give account of yourself

Mikuláš Török, 25.02.2008

The Law Written on the Heart

Mikuláš Török, 2008-02-10

Good fruit of the life with God

Mikuláš Török, 27.1. 2008

Life in Jesus Christ is good in all respects

Mikuláš Török, 06.01.2008

Whom and Why God Blesses

Mikuláš Török, 16.12.2007

Seperate yourselves from the spirit of this era

Mikuláš Török, 21.11.2007

God protects the righteous from the godless

Mikuláš Török, 8.11.2007

The living feel comfortable among the living

Mikuláš Török, 4.11.2007

The Love of God

Mikuláš Török, 21.10.2007

Boldness in preaching the gospel

Mikuláš Török, 18.10.2007

Goodness of God

Mikuláš Török, 7.10.2007

The Mercy Has Already Been Given

Mikuláš Török, 05.08.2007

Don’t Take God’s name in vain

Mikuláš Török, 2006-12-17

Everything good comes from above

Mikuláš Török, 2006-12-10

Saul-like relationship with God

Mikuláš Török, 2006-12-03

Love is not self-seeking

Mikuláš Török, 2006-11-05

Who else besides God can forgive sins?

Mikuláš Török, 2005-02-17

Repentance is an act!

Mikuláš Török, 2004-02-01

Restoration and a heritage of the church

Mikuláš Török, 2004-01-04

Prosperity: service and work

Mikuláš Török, 2.8.2001
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