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About us

Nový Život (New Life Church) belongs to long-acting Christian churches in the Czech Republic.


The beginnings of New Life are dated back to the mid-1980s. New Life in the days under the leadership of pastor Mikuláš Török founded churches and fellowship groups in a dozen of cities all over the country.

The mission of New Life is to preach the gospel about Jesus Christ’s victory, about salvation, and forgiveness of sins for everyone. We believe that part of the gospel is also the ministry of healing and deliverance.

Pastor Török’s vision is also to show all people - believers and non-believers that it is possible to live according to God’s Word in the guidance of the Holy Spirit without any retreats and without compromising His revealed truths. That’s why the throughout teaching of God’s word is very emphasized.

We believe that the gospel will become more desirable this way for other people and also a lot of Christians will be inspired and motivated to live a full life with God.

Beside the spiritual ministry, New life is also active in charity and on cultural and informational field.

New Life denounces any kind of racial, ethnical and religious discrimination.

Financial support is based on voluntary gifts and money offerings.

Our name and address: Církev Nový Život, Veleslavínova 14, 400 11 Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic.

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