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In case of personal pastoral and spiritual needs, you can contact the management of the New Life Church via email:, or by phone at: 739 011 883.

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How Martin Luther inspires me

Reformation changed the course of Europe and world’s history. Martin Luther is the most significant personality of Reformation and belongs among the most significant people in the church history at all. Reformation and Martin Luther’s personality is the center of our interest and offers us inspiration and encouragement on our path of faith.

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Recovery after common prayer

In autumn 2009 a problem with my vocal cords appeared, which turned out to be a benign tumor of the vocal cords. The operation helped just for a short time, after that a relapse appeared and another surgery followed, with the same result again. After a common prayer in church, the protuberance in my throat disappeared and I did not have to undergo a third surgery.

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Preachings and Teachings

The fruit of the Spirit as our goal

The fruit of the Spirit mentioned in Gal 5:22-24 is not just a list of desirable human qualities of God’s children. It is a statement about what God wants us to be like according to His standards.

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Life comes from the living God through His living word

Any word, or speech is living just at the moment when it is being spoken by its “carrier” (speaker). As soon as he is finished with his talk, the speech isn’t alive any longer. Therefore even the Bible in itself isn’t the living word of God. It is God who brings it to life when He speaks to us through it.

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Prophets and prophecies

Who is a prophet and what is a prophecy? What is their role in the history and the present of God’s people? Do we understand these terms right?

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Do we really know everything about the Earth we live on?

God is the Creator who also constantly maintains His whole creation. The Church downplays this fact, too, and replaces it with a mere reality-detached “personal relationship” with God. However, this represents an open door to idolatry.

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