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The primary mission of the Church is to preach the news of redemption in Jesus Christ. However, the real Christianity also involves goodwill.

We chose the title "goodwill", because we want to express that the goodwill means more than what is usually meant by the term "charity". Charity of the church is usually understood to be an aid for people who are the worst off - homeless people, drug addicts, and the like. According to the Bible though, the church is not here to undertake this social-charitable function in the society. Particularly, church’s mission is not meant to provide social services for those, who are not willing to change their lives, even though they could with the offered help.

Family is the fundamental responsibility of each Christian as an individual. The aid should therefore focus especially on those people in the church, whose family is not able to provide the help needed. We are convinced that this is an essential matter for any further activity within the society.

However, our church has always provided aid for people outside the church, as well. New Life Church is trying to coordinate the aid so that it is not spend on those, who are not interested in solving their problems, but, on contrary, they take advantage of the given aid to continue their irresponsible life – which is often at the expense of others.

In terms of goodwill, The New Life provides help namely to those, who are, without their own fault, in need – to the seniors or those, who are providing help for others. Furthermore, we support such activities, which we see as truly beneficial. The form of the aid is either one time or ongoing.

The total amount of contribution donated by New Life to the goodwill before the end of year of 2010, reached over 2,460,000 CZK (already including the value of 17,500 kg of clothes given to people in need).

So far the vast majority of the donations was provided by the church members, which limits our impact in this area. For that reason we would welcome your contributions as well.

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